The cinema evaluation of Switzerland has been completed (almost 20,000 spectators, start: 4 October 2018). MIDNIGHT RUNNER is currently on festival tour.



MIDNIGHT RUNNER celebrates its world premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival (21. – 29. September 2018).

The Swiss premiere will take place at the Zurich Film Festival (27. September – 7. October).

The Greek premiere will take place at the Athens International Film Festival (19 - 30 September 2018).

Gijon International Film Festival (16. - 24. November 2018) presents MIDNIGHT RUNNER.

MIDNIGHT RUNNER is being screened at the International Film Festival of Kerala, India (7. - 13. December 2018).

MIDNIGHT RUNNER is part of the Feature Film Competition at Filmfestival Max Ophüls (20. - 26. January 2019).

The 54th Solothurn Film Days (24. - 31. January 2019) show MIDNIGHT RUNNER.

MIDNIGHT RUNNER celebrates its Candaian premiere at The Victoria Film Festival (1. - 10. February 2019).

Moscow International Film Festival (18. - 25. April 2019) shows MIDNIGHT RUNNER and celebrates its Russian premiere.

MIDNIGHT RUNNER is celebrating its Polish premiere at the Off Camera International Festival of independant cinema (26. April - 5. May 2019) in the main competition ‘Making Way’.

MIDNIGHT RUNNER is being shown at the Filmkunstfestes MV (30. April - 5 May 2019) in the Feature Film Competition gezeigt.

MIDNIGHT RUNNER is part of the German Film Festival in Australia (May - June 2019) and is being shown in 7 different cities all around Australia. Its Australian premiere will take place on 21st May in Sydney.

Atlàntida Online Film Fest (1. July - 1. August 2019) presents MIDNIGHT RUNNER.

Special screenings


11 October 2018, 18.30h, Kino Riffraff 3, Zurich

Special demonstration with the Swiss Society of Forensic Psychiatry SGFP and the Swiss Society of Psychiatry & Psychotherapy SGPP. Following the screening, experts will discuss the real case and the psychogram of the offender in film and reality with Dr. Steffen Lau (Chief Physician/Deputy Clinic Director, Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich) and director Hannes Baumgartner.

15. October 2018, 18:00h, Kino Movie, Berne

Special presentation by the Violence Unit Bern with following panel discussion.
More information: cli.re/laeufer-spezialvorfuehrung-fachstellegewaltbern

18. Oktober 2018, 11.30h, Kino Movie 1, Berne

Psychology at noon. Special presentation of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP). Afterwards, forensic scientist Prof. Dr. Dr. Rainer Luthe, experts in legal psychology and two representatives of the film crew will discuss the film.

4. November 2018, 11:00h, Riffraff, Zurich

Special presentation of the Association of Swiss Psychotherapists with following discussion.
More information: cli.re/laeufer-spezialvorfuehrungen-riffraff